Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday's Burning Question

If you were the Philadelphia Eagles what would you do with Terrell Owens?

A) Trade him and pick up some valuable players/draft picks
B) Keep him and hope that he reports to practice
C) Give him some more money to make him happy
D) Let him walk away from his contract and release him

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Get Lost

Good riddance Larry Brown. Congratulations Detroit, you’re free of his ridiculous ways. Good luck New York…a lack of loyalty is what you'll get.

Brown is what many call (not me) one of the greatest basketball coaches in history. He’s already been inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame, and grabbed himself an Olympic gold medal as a player, bronze medal as a coach, and championships in the ABA, NBA and NCAA.

My biggest problem with him is how he handles his nomadic coaching career. Remember how many stops he’s had and how many times he has left teams out to dry to latch on somewhere else in hopes of more fortune. In late January this year he told reporters that being the head coach for the New York Knicks would be his “dream job.” C’mon Larry – are you kidding me? This isn’t a good Knicks team…this isn’t even an average Knicks team, they’re bad right now and no coach (even Phil Jackson) is going to make them a great team. They’ve got a lack of player personnel and because of bad money decisions in the recent past they’re very strapped with the salary cap. Sure, they’ll pay him $10-12 million a year like Phil Jackson but he won’t get that team to the playoffs in his first two years…maybe not even three years. And guess what, he’ll probably ask for a buyout or just flat out quit.

He reminds me of a man that wants to date every woman he meets…but once that thrill is gone and he starts to get comfortable he’s out the door ready for the next opportunity. He won his only NBA title in Detroit and went to his only two NBA Finals there – one would’ve have thought that with all of his horses returning next season that maybe Detroit was his “dream job.”

And to think that the Pistons came so close this postseason no thanks to him creating a stir about his possible departure and arrival in Cleveland. More times than not, Larry Brown is one big distraction.

Remember when he said the Pistons would be his last coaching stop. How can we forget it? He said it over and over again. With three years left on his five-year contract he is orchestrating yet another parting of ways.

I often complain about the lack of loyalty among professional athletes, guys who move across the country from their own home to take a contract that will pay them $5 million more over seven years. And it is a so-called ‘leader’ who is again backing out of another coaching commitment.

I don’t care what anybody says, I’ll remember him for his up-and-move career more than one single NBA title. He asks his players to do what’s best for the team and he doesn’t follow the same mantra. He’s disloyal and I hope that the Knicks and every other team in the NBA stays away from him.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kenny "No Brains"???

So let me get this straight...Kenny Rogers had words again with another cameraman while he was being booked in county jail? And what's better, it's caught on tape again.

WFAA-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth is saying this is what trasnpired:

WFAA reported on its Web site Monday that photographer Mike Zukerman was videotaping the procedure when Rogers turned to him and said,
"You're getting really close; you know that? Do you hear me?"

A few seconds later, Rogers again turned to the camera, saying, "You must be pretty proud of yourself, too."

Zukerman replied, "It's just my job, Kenny," Rogers responded: "Yeah. Your job. That's just your excuse."

Is this guy for real? I was feeling sorry for him after the last incident and was glad that he got to pitch in the All-Star Game, but now I'm against this fool.

I'd love to meet him and tell him what kind of a BIG WIMP he is. And after I say that I'm going to say..."You walked Andruw Jones with the bases loaded in Game 6 of the NLCS in 1999...nice job jerk."

New Champ

I was out of commission over the weekend…playing a dual role down in West Palm Beach, Florida - standing as a groomsman in a long time friends wedding and hanging out with my four little cousins.

There was very little sports time for me…and I really enjoyed that. But what a weekend to miss…Tiger Woods wins the British Open, the Yankees take three of four from the falling BoSox and Jermain Taylor upsets Bernard Hopkins to become the Middleweight Champion.
Repeat: Jermain Taylor upsets Bernard Hopkins to become the Middleweight Champion.

I knew they were fighting (who didn’t?) but wasn’t very interested in seeing it…I thought for sure that B-Hop “The Executioner” would beat him pretty good and that I would just watch the replay of the fight on HBO this coming weekend. Wow – I was wrong huh?

From what I’ve been told by three good friends who love boxing…
Hopkins did very little in the first half of the fight and then dominated the late rounds. That left Hopkins with a huge hole he couldn’t climb out of. A slit decision loss for one of the greatest champions in boxing history… Hopkins' incredible streak of 20 consecutive title defenses (middleweight division record) and a 12-year unbeaten streak came to an end. Jermain Taylor improves to 24-0 and Hopkins falls to 46-3-1. A rematch has already been negotiated and will take place this fall.

I’m surprised but know that every champion one day sees the end…we’ll see if Hopkins can take back his title or if this indeed is his end.