Thursday, October 25, 2007

BoSox Thump Rockies in Game One

I know how excited the Red Sox Nation is right now - I'm friends with enough of them to figure that they think this World Series will be finished come Sunday night. After last night's drubbing, they have reason to feel that confident. But it won't be that easy.

The Rockies looked and played like a team that was both scared to be playing under the brightest lights, and also hadn't played in more than a week. Their bats, for the most part, didn't come into play and the pitching was dreadful. They didn't do much of anything good during last night's 13-1 loss to the Sox, but I'm sticking to my prediction that this World Series will go 6 games...Sox in 6.

Manny and Papi were great (as usual) but how about guys like Kevin Youkilis, Julio Lugo and even J.D. Drew coming up big. Yooouuuuukilis has been a steady performer for the Sox for a few years now, but he's just scorching the ball. Lugo and Drew both struggled in their first season in Boston but the "Nation" will forget all about .237 and .270 with a total of 19 Home Runs if they keep delivering in the Fall Classic.

And then you get to Mr. Dominance in October, aka Josh Beckett. Just filthy on the bump again. 9 K's and just 1 Walk over 7 innings. He's got another start in him and if needed can probably throw a game in relief.

The Rockies need two guys to get going with the bats...Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins. They also could use some pitching, but I'm sure that it was first game jitters and the layoff that played the biggest factor in the 13-1 loss. Sox fans need to remember that they beat the Indians easily in the first game and then had to claw their way back to win the ALCS...this series is going to be a good one.