Thursday, June 30, 2005


If you had the first pick of the NBA draft and could take any player in the league...who would you take and why?

A) Tim Duncan
B) Kobe Bryant
C) Kevin Garnett
D) Tracy McGrady
E) Allen Iverson
F) Yao Ming
G) None of these guys

Camera Crazy

Is Kenny Rogers kidding? Was his outburst yesterday just something to get his name in the newspapers and people talking about how the 40-year old pitcher is having possibly his finest season yet? Maybe he’s having personal problems or maybe he was just frustrated that his team is falling apart lately? Was he not feeling good-looking yesterday? Whatever the case may be, he acted like a complete idiot and should be fined and suspended by both Major League Baseball and the Texas Rangers.

From all accounts of the situation it appears that he first shoved a Fox Sports photographer and then grabbed the camera out of a KDFW-TV station cameraman before kicking it and sending the poor guy to the hospital. The cameraman, Larry Rodriguez needed medical attention to his shoulder and arm. Had teammate Rod Barajas not pulled him away and taken him into the clubhouse would Kenny have done more damage?

This is the same southpaw who last week punched a water cooler with his right hand and broke a small bone in his pinky finger.

I guess the only thing I can say to “The Gambler” is apologize for what you did. Tell Mr. Rodriguez that you fully understand that he was just doing his job and that he didn’t do anything wrong. Say ‘I’m sorry’ to the fans of the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (who the Rangers were playing). And then do your suspension and pay your fine and move on. You’re on a really good team that needs you.

And lastly, while you’re passing out the apologies you might as well tell me and all of the other New York Mets fans world wide that you’re sorry about throwing ball four to Andruw Jones in Game 6 of the 1999 NLCS with the bases loaded to send them to the World Series. You couldn’t even throw a strike!?! C’mon buddy.

One more thing – thank goodness Frank Francisco is on the DL right now. Can you imagine if the Ranger relief pitcher was there yesterday? He would’ve grabbed a chair and beaten the poor cameraman with it like he was in Oakland again and was in fear of his safety from the Athletic fans…especially the woman whose nose he broke.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Two Weeks of Absence...Now Draft Talk

We're baaaack! After two weeks of technical difficulties the #1 Rated Sports Blog (East of the Mississippi River) is back - with a new name...Field Level. Good old Box Seats is being retired and Field Level has been called up from Triple-A to replace the old veteran. I appreciate all of the emails of "Schmidty what happened to your blog?" and "Why no blog?" ... So I decided to repost all of the old columns on a new site - and here we go. The unfortunate thing is that all of the old comments from my loyal readers might be lost...but as with everything in life, we've got to worry about today and tomorrow and remember yesterday.

Here's my analysis on last night's 1st Round of the NBA Draft
Milwaukee Andrew Bogut - C
This kid is going to be REALLY good. Milwaukee has a decent team that had a terrible year last year...kinda reminds me of the San Antonio Spurs in 1998 - that worked out nice for them huh?

Atlanta Marvin Williams - SF
The talent is there - I think he'll be one of the elite NBA players over the next 10 years. Size, speed and can jump through the roof. It might take him one or two seasons but he's the real deal.

Utah Deron Williams - PG
My best friend keeps telling me that Deron is the best Point Guard since Jay Kidd & Mark Jackson. We'll see about that. I think in Utah's system he'll get about 8-10 assists per game because he's a true floor general.

New Orleans Chris Paul - PG
I saw him wearing a Yankee hat at the Yankees-Mets game the other night...not a big fan of that but I know he's going to do some great things. I expect 18-20 ppg and 6-8 apg over the next 10-15 years. Solid player.

Charlotte Raymond Felton - PG
Sorry UNC fans but I'm not impressed with him as an NBA point guard. He'll be solid and will probably kick around the league longer than May & McCants but he'll never be an All-Star. Must be nice to stay close to home though?

Portland Martell Webster - SG
Everything that I've heard and read about this kid is that he's going to be a very good NBA player. He can shoot the outside J better than any other player in this draft. From the North West, he'll be an impact player right away with the Blazers.

Toronto Charlie Villanueva - PF
Fast and raw. That's what the Raptors just got in Charlie V. I'm sure that one more year at UConn would've done good for him but I think in a few years he'll make his presence felt in the NBA. Don't ever expect him to be a star - but a good 6'11" forward that has a long career.

New York Channing Frye - C
Channing's been eating that Frye'd food lately and lifting a lot of weights. The Knicks not only got a very good player they also got a great person. He's got to put more weight on (like 25 pounds) but he's a workaholic and he's been getting better and better over the years.

Golden State Ike Diogu - PF
The Warriors wanted a big man and took Diogu. I see Michael Olowakandi flashing before my eyes. The "I Like Ike" slogans will wear off after about three seasons and he'll be finding work all over the journeyman.

LA Lakers Andrew Bynum - C
Wow. I read something about Bynum a few years ago but was VERY surprised that he was the 1oth overall pick in the draft. He's a project and I guess the Lakers are willing to be patient with him. Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, I wish him well.

Orlando Fran Vazquez - PF
Never heard of him and only heard decent reports about his play. The Magic continually surprise me with stupid moves. Bust.

LA Clippers Yaroslav Korolev - SF
This guy must have been too tall to play hockey and decided to play hoops? Same thing as Vazquez - never heard of him. The one thing I did read was that he didn't even start on his club team in Moscow. Bad pick.

Charlotte Sean May - PF
May should've been drafted by either the Magic or the Clippers but they were stupid. Now the big guy gets to hang with one of his best friends (Ray Felton) and play in Charlotte. If they bring the Bobcats some wins they'll be heroes in Carolina forever.

Minnesota Rashad McCants - SG
I don't expect much from this guy. It's a good thing that UNC realized that he's a lot more hype than skill last season too. He's too short to be a SG and not good enough to be a point guard. He'll be better than fellow Tar Heel bust Joe Forte but not much.

New Jersey Antoine Wright - SG
I watched Wright play several times last year and was very impressed. He looked like a pro on the floor with college kids. Great size and strength and a nice shooting touch. At 6'7" he'll be a very nice addition to the Nets and Kidd will make sure he's a part of the O.

Toronto Joey Graham - SF
Great pick. I thought he'd be a 10-13 pick but a few of the teams drafting in those spots...Nonetheless, Joey Graham is a true warrior. Great size and toughness. I think he'll be one of the best players from this draft.

Indiana Danny Granger - SF
This Hoosier got to stay close to home. This was a given when he wasn't drafted earlier. Not sure if he'll start next season but will be groomed to be Reggie Miller's replacement in the shooting guard spot for the future. Nice pick.

Boston Gerald Green - SG
They've been calling him "T-Mac II"...we'll see about that. I'm sure he'll be a good player, he's got time to grow and get better but wonder if he's ready right now to play with the big boys.

Memphis Hakim Warrick - PF
Good for Hakim Warrick. I liked this guy when he played at Syracuse and he'll be an even better NBA player. Memphis is a team on the rise and Warrick will be a HUGE piece of the puzzle. #19 a great pick by Jerry West.

Denver Julius Hodge - SG
Gimme a B...B! Gimme a U...U! Gimme an S...S! Gimme a T...T! BUST. Not a good shooter, and doesn't have much of a handle. He's athletic when he gets all of his body going in the same direction. Not impressed.

Phoenix Nate Robinson - PG
He's super fast and super athletic but I have my doubts about the 5'9" guard. I'm thinking he'll be in the NBA no longer than seven years and will never be a starter.

Denver Jarrett Jack - PG
Denver should've drafted Jack with the 20th pick - but they got him anyway. He's great and only getting better. He'll have to play behind Andre Miller for his first few years until they realize that Jack is better and they get rid of Miller. Scoring, assists, defense and toughness...GREAT PICK.

Sacramento Francisco Garcia - SG
New York, New York! Garcia is going to be the real deal because he will make himself even better. Born and raised in tough conditions the Kings will add some fire to their team. I expect he'll average about 12 ppg as a rookie.

Houston Luther Head - PG
He's fast and a very good shooter. He didn't play the point at Illinois but will run a lot of the point in Houston. Solid pick this late in the first round and a good guy to work into an already good team.

Seattle Johan Petro - C
All I know is that he's 7 feet tall and from France. I've read that he's got the skills but isn't very motivated? He'll be a journeyman in the NBA for 10-13 years before going back to Europe.

Detroit Jason Maxiell - PF
The Pistons must want a banger coming off the bench? If that's the case - good pick. Strong and physical

Portland Linas Kleiza - SF (traded to Denver)
I know nothing about him...I'd rather they had picked Brandon Bass as a PF and not traded him. Oh well, I guess we'll all find out about Kleiza.

San Antonio Ian Mahinmi - PF
I guess Tony Parker knows something about this kid that everybody else doesn't. Wasn't regarded as a top European player - but I would think that he'll be VERY good because the Spurs always get the best of everybody.

Miami Wayne Simien - PF
HaHa. The Miami Heat just got themselves past the Pistons and into the NBA Finals next season. Bringing another very good interior player to Miami will only give Shaq, Zo and Udonis more rest. At Kansas Simien was a great player and I expect him to be good.

New York David Lee - PF
He's 6'9" and good. I expect Lee to be a good role player off the bench that contributes next season. Good shooter and likes to work the boards.

High 5 Winners: Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York, Atlanta and Denver