Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Picks...

Alright - so I was wrong about the NBA Finals...you got me. Hats off to D-Wade, Shaq and the boys for completely taking a series that was the Mavericks even after Game 3.

I wanted to quickly run-down my picks in both leagues for the starters in the MLB All-Star game. I'll start with the AL

C Ivan Rodriguez - Pudge is still the best all-around at the position.
1B David Ortiz - Big Papi is a DH, but you need him in the game.
2B Mark Loretta - Not much to choose from here.
SS Derek Jeter - Jeter has the nod over Tejada...but not by much.
3B Hank Blaylock - Hankie has the edge on A-Rod because of better numbers.
OF Vernon Wells - Simply great so far this season.
OF Manny Ramirez - The man mashes.
OF Ichiro Suzuki - .359 BA with 27 SBs...he's wonderful.

C Mike Piazza - I wish he was still in New York to enjoy this championship season.
1B Albert Pujols - Several weeks on the DL doesn't slow down his incredible numbers.
2B Chase Utley - Dan Uggla has a few better numbers, but Utley deserves it.
SS Jose Reyes - Leads the majors in Runs, Triples and SBs...and has a .302 BA = LOCK
3B David Wright - Blowing away all NL third basemen in almost every category.
OF Alfonso Soriano - Move to LF looks good now with 24 Dongs. Also has 18 SBs.
OF Andruw Jones - Still the best defensive OF ever - and he's driven in 64 runs.
OF Carlos Beltran - Top 5 in a bunch of important categories...OPS, Runs, HR, RBI...

Starting Pitchers...
AL Francisco Liriano - The Twinkie can bring it and his ERA and K's prove it.
NL Brandon Webb - Arguably the best pitcher in the league right now.

Let's see how the voting comes out...but I suspect I might have a good lineup right here.