Thursday, January 19, 2006

Davis Waiting for Ruling

Antonio Davis did what most husbands would and should do...he protected his wife and family. Davis thought his wife was in danger, so the Knicks forward ran over the scorer's table and into the stands during a timeout in overtime last night in Chicago against his former team.

Davis went about 10 rows up the aisle to reach his wife and kids and can you blame the man? Thankfully, there wasn't physical confrontation after he got there and Davis waited for security and then left before being ejected.

No arrests have been made and likely won't Chicago police said this afternoon.

The Knicks host the Pistons tonight and it has not yet been determined if Davis will be available. An NBA spokesman said the league was just beginning to look into the matter.

In my opinion Antonio Davis did the right thing. I hope he receives a slap on the wrist for his actions. Fans don't have the right to harass a players family. Clinton Portis' mom popped a woman from Philadelphia in the face after she allegedly threw beer on her earlier this month. That might have been over-the-top, but I guarantee that idiot learned her lesson and hopefully whoever was acting like a fool last night in Chicago towards Mrs. Antonio Davis realizes that their is no place in sports for stupid fans.