Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Arbitrary Views & Opinions...

Did Charlie Weis really deserve to have his contract at Notre Dame extended just seven games in his first season? I say absolutely not. Notre Dame is 5-2 and they’ve beaten the teams that they were supposed to beat…Michigan (very mediocre), Pitt (decent at best), BYU (not good), Purdue (even worse than BYU) and Washington (terrible). Sure they came very close to upsetting the best team in the country but is that what makes a contract?

Remember folks, Ty Willingham started his first season at ND 8-0. Six of those eight teams played in a bowl game that season…how come they didn’t offer him a contract of 10 years for between $30-40 million? Sure Notre Dame will probably make the excuse that they locked up Charlie because the NFL will be knocking on his door after a few successful seasons as a head coach – but I’m not buying into that. This was just another Bush-League move in college football and another stiff arm towards an African-American coach. And the sad thing is – not too many colleges have even given African-American coaches an opportunity. Willingham is one of the classiest people on the planet and took his firing in stride…but doesn’t this all make you wonder?

And the teaser – Brady Quinn, the Fighting Irish’s stud quarterback and nearly all of his starting teammates were recruited by none other than Ty Willingham.


Was the Philadelphia 76ers vs. Milwaukee Bucks game last night real? I know they were out there running around and playing – I watched it…but was it a real game? I’m a huge basketball fan and have been watching the NBA since the battles between Magic and Bird but last night seemed like a setup. It looked like two teams that were out there playing ABSOLUTELY no defense. It was like before the game Iverson and C-Webb walked into the Bucks locker room to discuss the game plan.
Here’s how I imagine it going…
AI – “Wassup Mike? How was your flight?”
MR- “AI my man. C-Webb, what’s up dude? Flight was cool.”
CW- “Not much. Ya’ll heard about the plan tonight right?”
Over walks T.J. Ford and rookie Andrew Bogut.
AI – “Hey fellas.”
TJF- “Hey. Yeah, we got it. No D whatsoever. Let you both get off for 30-plus and Michael too. I’m gonna get as many assists as possible.”
CW – “Don’t forget to get your boy Bogut involved too. I’m thinking the league would want him to get around 15 points or so.”
MR – “Cool. We’ll let you guys have the lead at the half and then we’ll chip away. Hopefully we can force it to an OT – that’ll get us all more points and be cool with the fans.”
CW – “Cool…Cool”
AI – “Hey, we’re going to get my boy John Salmons involved tonight too…trying to get him some more PT. Is that aight with you guys?”
TJF – “Sounds good.”
MR – “Yeah, that’s cool. Alright fellas, good luck.”


T.O. told the Eagles that he will probably have to miss the next two very key NFC East games against the Redskins and Cowboys because he sprained his ankle against the Broncos last Sunday. It happens to be on the same leg that he suffered his bad injury last year. I don’t blame T.O. for sitting if he has to. But this is going to really put the clamps on Philly for the next two weeks. They need to win both of these games and without the best offensive player they have – it’s going to be tough.


At 11/02/2005 11:59 AM, Blogger rblake said...

LJ Smith, Gregg Lewis and Reggie Brown will have to step-up and grow up fast...........LJ has been productive and should act as a blanket for mcnabb against the sorry-ass pass rush the redskins will try to bring on Sunday night....

Eagles will crush the redskins with or without T.O.

At 11/02/2005 12:01 PM, Anonymous J-Bird said...

Notre Dame gave Charlie an extension because they believe he is an excellent coach. They fired Tyrone because the university believes he was not getting the job done. Race has nothing to do with either of these things. Charlie is a better coach. Period.

At 11/02/2005 12:10 PM, Blogger rblake said...

Charlie might be a great coach..However, he will be fired by the notre dame's alumni in year 3. They will continue to lose 3-4 games every year...lucky for the irish they ditched Boston College or they would continue to lose 4-5 games every year.

Notre Dame can't recrute like team in the Big Ten or SEC - Period, End of Story - the Alumni will run him out of town like they do every coach - Just ask Holtz, Davey, Tyrone, and soon - you can ask Charlie

At 11/02/2005 12:16 PM, Blogger rblake said...

The majority of the NBA hasn't played defense in about 10 years. Champions play defense and I'm said to say, the Sixers are no championship caliber team. Maybe the Sixers should of traded Iverson to Detroit and kept Larry Brown? Things have gone so well for Billy and the Sixers since they decided to keep Iverson and run Larry out of town.....

I love Iverson, but he can't rule the team and the club house - that's the coaches job!

At 11/02/2005 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not realize that he was 8-0 to start. Weis is fat and won a lot becuase of the Patriots system and their great defense. Notre Dame stinks and I hope he gets fired in a few years.

At 11/02/2005 3:48 PM, Blogger P V R said...

Just like I told you last week Gregg ... we gonna skullfuck you up at fed ex.

Since Donovan is hanging on by a thread, I would feel really bad if Lavar put a career-ending blow on him. You guys might want to rest that QB of yours while you're at it ...

At 11/02/2005 4:52 PM, Blogger rblake said...

note to redskin fans - Lavar can't many sacks did your great one have last year? Let me help you out = LaVar's sorry ass had 1 sack last year. Of course that was only over 4 games. So, then let's take a look at 2003 = the Great LaVar had 6 sacks and 75 tackles - Yes, I'm sure McNabb is shacking in his boots....get a life - LaVar is so stupid he couldn't figure out Greg Williams lame ass defense.....How do you think he is going to be able to handle the great McNabb..

Eat a Turd.......

At 11/02/2005 5:20 PM, Blogger P V R said...

I gave the Eagles the next three years to win the SB, but as things unfold, it looks like you might have missed your only chance. That trophy case is gonna stay dusty and empty.

At 1/13/2006 5:34 PM, Blogger Joseph Smith, Jr. said...

Interesting blog. Enjoyed reading it.


Joseph Smith Jr.


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