Monday, October 17, 2005

Poked or Punched - Danica Needs Lessons on Racing

Sports never has a dull moment does it? I just heard about the ‘incident’ between race car drivers Danica Patrick and Jaques Lazier after the two wrecked on the 184th lap of the 200-lap Toyota Indy 400. Danica and her rookie season ended in a big crash with Lazier that brought on some words and either a punch or finger poke.

After the crash the two drivers were in a rescue vehicle when emotions ran a bit high. At first, Lazier said that the female driver punched him in the head. A bit later he toned it back and said that Danica poked him in the forehead.

When asked what happened Lazier said, "If she said she hit me on the temple with her fingers, that's fine. My son hits harder than she does." Lazier has a four-year old son.

At which point Danica Patrick made the intelligent response through her spokesman of, "So you're telling me that Jaques is saying he got beat up by a girl?"

Just terrible. If Danica Patrick wants to have continued success in racing she better be careful not to put her hands (or fingers) on other drivers. She should also fire her spokesman, because it's their job to keep her out of a mess like that. What would the response have been if Lazier would’ve done it to her? Not good. They would’ve called him every name in the book and that’s not fair.

Hey, I’m all for equality and think it’s great that she’s been successful but she needs to understand that what she did and what she said later was wrong. I know in the heat of the moment things are said and done that you might like to take back. Her follow-up response should have read something like this:
‘In the heat of the moment my frustrations were high and Jaques Lazier and I exchanged words. I regret the situation ever happened and hope that he can accept my apologies for any ill feelings that I may have given him.’

That would suffice Danica…don’t call the guy out about being beaten up by a girl…nonsense.


At 10/17/2005 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10/17/2005 2:04 PM, Anonymous bird said...

You have a great blog here!

Auto racing is not a sport so please don't acknowledge its existence in your blog. I find nothing amazing in the fact that a woman can make left turns all day just as well as the men drivers.

Who watches this crap??

At 10/17/2005 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rod-go away!
bird-good point! monkey's may take over in the near future.

dannika could get it tho

At 10/17/2005 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She should go back to cooking dinner and cleaning the laundry.

At 10/17/2005 4:24 PM, Blogger SLBennington said...

Let me get this straight. It's okay for a man to say that his 4-year-old son hits harder than Danica Patrick, and it's okay for another man to call Patrick's race car the "Princess mobile," but it's NOT okay for Patrick to respond in kind?

Why does she have to take the higher ground in a tense situation? Because's a woman, and women shouldn't behave that way?
It's utterly ridiculous to hold women to a higher behavioral standard than men when they're competing at the same level.

I agree that Patrick could have taken a better approach when she confronted Lazier. And maybe she could have been more reserved in her response. But let's not forget it was LAZIER who instigated the crash with Patrick. Where's the demand for his apology? Oh, right--reckless behavior on the track is different that a finger poke off of it.

I think it's great that Danica Patrick competes with men and I think she will have a great career as a driver. But just as she shouldn't be treated differently on the race track because of her gender, she shouldn't be held to a higher standard of behavior off of it, either.

At 10/17/2005 4:30 PM, Anonymous PR 1 said...

Snizzels, why you wasting your time talking about car racing? You should be busing taking back those comments that the Redskins aren't a playoff caliber team a couple weeks back. I know we lost two games, but we're gonna skull#### the Eagles at Fed Ex!

At 10/17/2005 7:33 PM, Blogger Gregg M. Schmidt said...

I usually don't respond to comments...but tonight I feel like I should.
I agree - racing isn't near the top of my list for sporting events to watch, and frankly it never will be.

I didn't know that they had put any blame on who caused the crash...but if Lazier was at fault then I can understand why Danica was so upset - but I still don't think that Danica should put her hands (or fingers) on anybody. Nobody should...and if they do, they should be either suspended, fined or expect ridicule. Lazier isn't going to hit her back so his comment after the fact that his 4-year old son hits harder than her is fine with me.
None of us know what happened in the rescue vehicle, but afterwards the comments were stupid on both parts...but I think Danica could've worded her response better.

At 10/18/2005 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i bet she is out of the sport in 3yrs, OVERRATED
ftr-u can do whatever u want in this world as long as u can deal with/accept the repercussions....
ie: u touch me, u get dropped, female or not

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