Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Fall of the "Super-Agent"?

Sounds like a few NFL players are sick of the obnoxious work method of “Super-Agent” Drew Rosenhaus. Drew’s guidance for Terrell Owens led to a complete breakup between the star receiver and the Philadelphia Eagles organization. I asked five of my friends if they would use Rosenhaus as their agent even after what has taken place. And like a real good Tony Gwynn night at the plate…I went five for five. Not a chance in hell.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Tuesday that Green Bay Packers All-Pro receiver Javon Walker filed papers with the NFL Players Association earlier in the year that let go of Mr. “Super-Agent”. Javon has been conducting all personal business on his own for much of the season and plans on continuing his own work for the near future.

The Philadelphia Inquirer also reported on Tuesday that Eagles injured All-Pro offensive tackle Tra Thomas fired Rosenhaus earlier this season and has rehired his former agent Peter Schaffer. I haven’t checked to see how many Eagles players are represented by Rosenhaus, but I think it might be safe to conclude that the Eagles don’t enjoy working with the “Super-Agent”.
I truly believe that it was Rosenhaus who was leading the T.O. charge of crazy antics and remarks. The “Super-Agent” assured T.O. he could get a restructured contract last off-season and never explained to Terrell that talking bad about his teammates and the Eagles organization would be a big mistake. For that, he watched his stud receiver get deactivated for the rest of the season. And while Rosenhaus was at T.O.’s side last month during a press conference at the players house where he apologized for actions that caused his suspension from the team, it was Rosenhaus who acted like a 15-year old boy when asked follow-up questions about the matter.

I think the “Super-Agent’s” actions were the final stab into the T.O.-Eagles relationship.
Rosenhaus is one of the most controversial player agents in history. It’s his mouth that gets him the money, and it’s his mouth that might have led to his demise. Just like in the movie Jerry Maguire, it wouldn’t surprise me to see more players leave Bob Sugar (aka “Super-Agent Drew Rosenhaus) to go back to their original agents, the Jerry Maguire’s.


At 12/07/2005 9:41 AM, Anonymous bird said...

I wish Elliot would go down to wherever he lives and spit in face. Did you guys see the footage of him breaking cinder blocks in a karate costume on SC? He is such a weenie. I would like to take that tool on in a kumata (fight to the death). Although I have never had any martial arts training, I am confident I would whupp him good.


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