Thursday, May 19, 2005

Suns- Heat Won't Be Cold

The only way to settle the MVP and best team in the NBA discussion is for the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat to meet head-to-head in the NBA Finals. And if I know the NBA, they’ll do EVERYTHING in their power to make sure that it’s Shaq’s Heat vs. Nash’s Suns. Two teams that have grown in the last several years’ right in front of our very eyes…

With all due respect to the two-time champion Spurs and last years champion, the Detroit Pistons the NBA needs a Heat vs. Suns series. The country needs this heavy-weight bout too. If I have to sit there and watch (in and out of sleeping) six or seven games of the San Antonio methodical (but effective) play vs. the Pistons slow (but bruising) play I’ll be ridiculously disappointed. We have it right here in front of us – we can already see an action-packed, thrilling seven game series between the leagues best two teams and some of their most exciting players. Dunks, 3-pointers, interior play, fast-breaking, MVP-quality players, high scoring games and more dunks…it’s going to be breath-taking, you’re not going to want to go to the bathroom until the end of the quarters.

Let’s face it – these two teams have the hottest dance teams too. Miami and Phoenix…2/3 of the population is half naked all of the time. Some viewers would be running to get up close to the TV during time outs to see the dance squads strut their stuff.

Dan Majerle would be like a proud uncle if his two former stomping grounds met for all the marbles…he’d forget about that one season he spent in Cleveland and you’d probably see him sitting courtside with Sir Charles Barkley and Timmy Hardaway playing the middle-man as the two argued over who would win. The NBA would get an East Coast vs. Left Coast series (which we all know they LOVE) and more fans would have the delight to see a franchise that has never won an NBA title hoist the trophy for the first time.

Nash vs. D-Wade…Shaq vs. Amare…Eddie Jones, Damon Jones and Udonis Haslem from the Heat…Shawn Marion, Quentin Richardson, Jimmy Jackson and hopefully Joe Johnson from the Suns. All I ask is the Heat from the Suns of above make this happen…please, not only for me – but for all of the basketball fans worldwide who can’t bear to see a 79-76 series finale.


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