Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Crying Game

Who cares if Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper are no longer buddies? This back and forth about who didn’t call who and that one thought the other was a good friend and yada-yada-yada – I don’t care. It would be an interesting story if the two still played together in Minnesota and needed to be friends, but they’re on different teams, in different conferences and separated by 2,000 miles. This isn’t McNabb-Owens…this is two former teammates acting like they should both be on ‘Days of Our Lives’.

Sure, they combined to make one of the best passing-receiving combos in NFL history over the last five seasons – but it’s over now and people, especially Randy Moss and the media need to let it go. If these two guys want to continue their friendship then so be it, but none of us need to hear all about how they’re not hanging out anymore.

"Once you grow to love a person, a breakup is kind of hard," Moss recently said in a Sports Illustrated article. “It seems to me I lost a friend."

Maybe Moss is trying to make this a bigger split than Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston? I don’t know, but it sounded ridiculous.

Randy was great before Culpepper began throwing the ball to him in the 2000 season – he helped make Randall Cunningham a pro-bowler again in 1998 and he was the biggest reason that Culpepper has been so great at such a young age. But all of the ‘Moss distractions’ had to have started to make everyone in the Vikings organization realize that it was time to part ways – even Daunte. Daunte is a very smart guy, and I’m sure he realized after Moss’ late season stroll off the field in Washington and then his fake moon of the Packers fans that enough was enough. And yet Culpepper never talked bad about Moss, denying that Randy’s antics and side show had a negative effect on him, the team and his ability to be the leader of the Vikings. He kept mum and tried to go about his business like a good team leader and a friend. But now he’s implying that Moss hasn’t called him.

If these two guys were such good friends than I would think that Culpepper had voiced his concern about Moss being so childish over the years. Randy is great, but there’s only so much teammates can take.

C’mon fellas, either make-up and be cool again or just go on your separate ways and stop talking about it…please.


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