Thursday, April 28, 2005

7 & 3 ... What a Joke

7 points and 3 rebounds. These are the stats you get while your team gets blown out of the arena a few days after shooting off your big mouth? C’mon Kenyon – be smart for once. Either you keep your mouth shut and play ball the best you can (I would recommend this) or you talk as much as you want and then you back it up with great play. Frankly buddy – you're not that good, so just shut up and just ball.

Tim Duncan and the Spurs abused the Denver Nuggets in the worst ways on Wednesday night and exploited them for being exactly what they are – a streaky team that isn’t at the championship level. They also showed the world why the New Jersey Nets weren’t overly keen on keeping Martin in the Garden State when he demanded super star money after the 2003 season. K-Mart is exactly what his nickname suggests, decent quality. If you want a guy to be a great 3rd or 4th option on your team – he can do that…but if you’re hoping that this guy can carry the load at times during the season or even come close to hitting a big shot – don’t hold your breath, you’d die before either would happen.

I like his heart and fiery emotion (at times), but when you talk-talk-talk all the time and hardly ever back any of it up, to me you’re an idiot. He acts crazy most of the time, pulling on his jersey when he dunks, smacking the backboard on dunks, jumping up and down and screaming if he happens to block a shot but really other than a little bit of show, is he that good? I really don’t think so. The one thing I can’t argue is that for 6’9” and 240+ pounds, he’s athletic. I’d say more than half of his 15 points come on dunks, but his shot is pathetic and his ball handling skills are that of most 8th graders. It’s a good thing he’s played his career with All-Star point guards like Jason Kidd and Andre Miller – guys who routinely break down the defense to give him easy dunks and alley-oops.

Let us also remember that this is a guy who was drafted 1st overall in the 2000 NBA draft. 15 and 7 for a career and not a clutch bone in his body…was he really worth it?Maybe if he kept quiet and didn’t rile up the other team’s best player we wouldn't realize how inept he really is.

So again, I encourage you Mr. K-Mart to keep quiet and just play.


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