Saturday, September 09, 2006

Best in Baseball (So Far)

Here's my Top Ten as of this writing on Saturday, September 9th.

As you'll notice I've got my favorite team as the number one...but lucky for me the Mets have the best record in baseball and are just days away from being the first team to clinch a division title. The next 9 teams might make some people wonder...and only eight of these teams will be playing ball after October 1st.

Number 10
Angels - They are really lucky to have so many home games coming down the stretch. Average away team and a very good team at home. But no playoffs in '06.

Number 9
Cardinals - This team is nowhere near as good as they've been in the past. With Mulder done for the season and Izzy on the shelf this team is a weak division champ that will finish with about 85 wins and exit early in the postseason. NL Central Champs

Number 8
Phillies - I'm pulling for this team, I really am. Their bullpen makes me sick and they aren't getting any hitting out of the 3rd baseman. Ryan Howard is the NL MVP...even if they don't win the Wild Card spot (I think they will) the kid has been beyond great. NL Wild Card runner-up again.

Number 7
Padres - Some good veteran leadership should keep this team in the Wild Card hunt until the last days of the season. Piazza, Cameron, Roberts and Giles need to hit the ball when over the last four weeks if they want to hold off Philadelphia. NL Wild Card

Number 6
Dodgers - Pitching and defense. Nomar should be the NL Comeback Player of the Year and having Furcal and Lofton hitting 1-2 is going to cause problems for opposing teams. NL West Champs.

Number 5
Athletics - Billy Ball is better than ever. I have absolutely no idea how this team has won as many as they have? Good for them...I love watching the small market teams win and play quality ball. This might be the year they get out of the ALDS and into the ALCS...AL West Champs.

Number 4
Tigers - I know, I know - I'm an idiot. HaHa. Don't be surprised to see this team in the '06 Fall Classic. Although the young arms that did it from April through July are starting to get tired and the explosive offense isn't so much anymore, they will make it out of the AL. They'll win the AL Central, and lose in the Series. AL Central Champs and American League Champions.

Number 3
Twins - Even though they'll finish second in their division they're playing much better ball heading into October than Detroit. If Liriano comes back and is as lights out as he was earlier this year they have two studs (Liriano and Santana) and a great bullpen going into the playoffs. If not, early exit.
AL Wild Card.

Number 2
Yankees - The boys from the Bronx eliminated their rivals from Boston in one long weekend in late August. The five-game sweep has propelled the Yankees into the AL's top spot. I still think they don't have enough pitching but will love to watch their matchup against the Twins in the ALDS. AL East Champs

Number 1
Mets - Best record in baseball and the best overall team in baseball. Hitting (average and power), pitching (starting and bullpen), defense and speed are all at the top in the bigs. If Pedro gets healthy for October they are the team to beat in baseball. NL East Champs and World Champions


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