Friday, March 31, 2006

The Final Four

George Mason vs. Florida


Florida should beat George Mason...but then again, so should Michigan State, North Carolina and Connecticut. It wouldn't surprise me to see Mason move on with another incredible upset. I think the key to this game will be the two guards from Mason - Tony Skinn and Lamar Butler. If these two do what they've been doing in the tournament so far, they might dance another night. I LOVE the fact that Florida plays 8 guys every game. Not many college teams are as deep as the Gators and it might win them a National Championship. I'm pulling for the local kids at GMU!

LSU is so athletic. Big Baby and Tyrus Thomas should be dominant again in this game. UCLA is a great team led by Arron Affalo and Jordan Farmer. key to the game will be the defense of the 'stopper', LSU's Garrett Temple. Temple stopped J.J. Reddick and will try to put the clamps on Affalo tomorrow night. If Temple is successful it might be all LSU in this one.

Prediction - LSU vs. Florida
Hoping for - LSU vs. George Mason


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