Friday, January 13, 2006

Weekly Random Chatter

Marcus Vick is a punk. Any loyal reader of Field Level knows that I think his older brother Michael (aka Ron Mexico) is the most over-hyped player in sports. I wanted to believe that the younger Vick would be a good quarterback in the NFL but I don’t see it happening now unless this kid somehow finds a brain in Southern Virginia. Let’s remember that he gave 14 and 15 year old girls alcohol and had sex with a 15-year old girl when he was 19. Let’s also remember that he’s been in trouble with the law for speeding tickets and suspended license tickets in the last few years. What would you do if you were Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer? You’d do what Beamer did – put the kid on a “Zero Tolerance” policy for the remainder of his time as a Hokie. It didn’t help, Marcus acted like a fool in Tech’s Gator Bowl game victory over Louisville. After being tackled by NCAA sacks leader and All-American Elvis Dumervil, Vick stomped on the back of Dumervil’s leg. He later said that it was an accident and that he apologized to the Louisville standout – but no such apology was ever offered. He then gets a dismissal from the football team because he broke the “Zero Tolerance” policy and says that he’s going pro to “take my talents to the pro level.” Two days later, he’s arrested for pulling a gun on three teenagers at a McDonald’s in Suffolk, Virginia.

Marcus needs to get a clue. He’s 6 feet tall and 212 pounds…small for an NFL Quarterback. Sure, he’s got skills, but nothing that will make him a standout at the professional level. Vick desperately needed another year at Tech to hone his skills and now with all of this baggage I’d be shocked to see him drafted before the 6th Round of the NFL Draft in April. Sadly, I think he’ll probably be out of football in three years after struggling to make a name for himself and trying to live in his brothers decent shadow.

Sean Taylor spit in Michael Pittman’s face. Fine – I was over it three days after it happened. And yet ESPN continues to show us game footage and give eye witness accounts from players and referees that saw it happen. Note to ESPN, this isn’t the assassination of President Kennedy. You don’t have the Zapruder Film and it didn’t take place in Dealey Plaza. Let it go. I think Sean Taylor is a big piece of garbage, but I don’t care anymore (almost a week later) that he spit in Pittman’s face. Taylor probably should’ve apologized after the incident but let’s face it the kid isn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree.

The Duke Blue Devils are going to run the table this year as the best team in college basketball. JJ Redick and Sheldon Williams did what so few kids do nowadays and came back for their senior year to try and win a National Championship. They’re currently 15-0 and well on the way to posting an incredible season. Coach K has a team that play defense, runs the floor, rebounds and shoots. Oh and by the way, they bring several guys off the bench that could start on probably every Top 25 team in the country. Depth and talent…can’t beat it.

Congratulations to Bruce Sutter for his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. In his twelve seasons as a closer he was as dominant as they come. I’m still quite puzzled though that three other players haven’t been inducted…Jim Rice, Jack Morris and Lee Smith. All three were at the top of their positions when they played. You all know I’m a stat nut – so go look up their numbers and tell me that they don’t deserve it.


At 1/13/2006 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duke may win it all, but i think NC state gives them a run next week in durham. They are playing good basketball, have the shooters to keep up with Duke and also have the fastly improvingtwo headed monster of cedric williams and brackman to contain the landlord in the post.

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